The final countdown

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This week's top trending events on Forekast

Don’t step on a crack

This Friday is not a good day for the superstitious-among-us. But take the edge off of Friday the 13th by celebrating World Cocktail Day, which falls on the same day. If booze isn’t your thing, try a slice of apple pie for Apple Pie Day.

The final countdown

Lots of finals taking place this week, from the FA Cup Final to the final edition of the 2022 NFL schedule to the Eurovision Song Contest Final. For even more music, check out the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday evening.

Best of the rest

Tuesday marks the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Week, and Thursday is a day to thank healthcare workers on International Nurses Day. We round out the week with International Day of Families on Sunday.

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And now, a day-by-day look at what's trending this week

Monday, May 9

🧐 IBM Think 2022

🏀 Grizzlies vs Warriors and Celtics vs Bucks Playoffs Game 4

🍷 National Moscato Day

Tuesday, May 10

🎤 Eurovision Song Contest begins

🧠 National Mental Health Awareness Week Begins (May 10-16)

Wednesday, May 11

😵‍💫 National Twilight Zone Day

Thursday, May 12

🏈 NFL Schedule Releases

🏥 International Nurses Day

Friday, May 13

🙀 Friday the 13th

🍹 World Cocktail Day

👟 Sneakerella Movie (Disney+)

🥧 National Apple Pie Day

🗳 2022 Australian federal election

🦎 The Essex Serpent (Apple TV+)

Saturday, May 14

⚽️ FA Cup Final

🎤 Eurovision Song Contest 2022 Final

📺 Selena Gomez hosts SNL

Sunday, May 15

🏆 Billboard Music Awards

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 International Day of Families

🍪 National Chocolate Chip Day

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