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🌎 Down to earth

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This week's top trending events on Forekast

Down to earth

Everyone’s favorite planet is celebrating itself this week with Earth Day taking place on Friday. NASA and SpaceX will be leaving earth tomorrow, while the rest of us here on the tiny blue dot will be able to witness a hybrid solar eclipse and the Lyrids Meteor Shower’s peak.


Hot to trot

​The Boston Marathon takes place on Monday, but if it’s a slower pace you’re after you could always celebrate 4/20 and watch The Batman which premieres on HBO Max this week. Everyone is hot to trot at Carnival in Brazil, the yearly festival returns this Wedsnesday.



The tax-man cometh

Hopefully you’re all set for Tax Day today - if you’ve got a refund coming your way you could always spend in on tickets to week two of Coachella, or you could buy a pay-per-view fight on Saturday as Tyson Fury defends his heavyweight champion status against Dillian Whyte.



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And now, a day-by-day look at what's trending this week

Monday, April 18​
✝️ Easter Monday​

πŸƒ The Boston Marathon​

😫 Tax Day​

πŸ“ž Better Call Saul returns​

Tuesday, April 19

πŸ¦‡ The Batman on HBO Max​

πŸ§„ National Garlic Day​

πŸš€ NASA and SpaceX Launch​

❄ Blizzard reveals the next 'World of Warcraft' expansion​

🦈 30 for 30: Shark​

Wednesday, April 20
πŸ‡§πŸ‡· Brazilian Carnival​

πŸ₯¦ 420​

πŸŒ‘ Hybrid Solar Eclipse​

πŸš€ SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch​

πŸͺ† Russian Doll’s second season hits Netflix​

Thursday, April 21

πŸ•ΉοΈ PAX East 2022 begins​

πŸ– National High Five Day​

🌠 Lyrids Meteor Shower peak (21st and 22nd)​

πŸ«– National Tea Day​

✈️ The Flight Attendant Season 2 releases​

Friday, April 22

🌏 Earth Day​

🎊 Coachella week 2 begins​

πŸ€ They Call Me Magic (Apple TV+)​

πŸŽ₯ The Northman releases​

​Saturday, April 23

πŸ₯Š Tyson Fury vs. Dillian Whyte​

πŸͺΆ Shakespeare Day (also Talk Like Shakespeare Day)​

πŸ“š World Book Day​

Sunday, April 24

πŸ“Ί Barry season 3 premiere​

🚘 2022 GEICO 500 (NASCAR Cup Series)​

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